Experience, language skills
and innovative technologies

Horner Translations specialises in the translation and localisation of technical texts in the fields of technical documentation, marketing and quality management.

Thanks to our profound industry-specific expertise and technical know-how, our knowledge of local markets and our cost-efficient workflows resulting from the use of innovative technologies, we have long since been established as a strategic partner for many well-known companies.

Our strength is our first-class team of more than 150 professional translators, proofreaders, editors and project managers, who are all dedicated to our guiding principle: "Excellence in Translation".

Horner Translations has been a certified member of the Qualitätssprachendienste Deutschland (German Professional Association of Translation Services) since 2001. Its members meet the strictest quality specifications and set the benchmark for outstanding services in the translation industry.

Horner Translations GmbH was founded by Andrea Horner-Siebold in 1978.
The managing director knows the business like the back of her hand: she spent more than ten years working for one of the largest electrical engineering groups in Switzerland as a project manager for industrial facilities in Egypt and South Africa. She is therefore familiar with the problems that foreign-language technical documentation can involve from a customer's point of view.

Andrea Horner-Siebold
Andrea Horner-Siebold

Why Horner Translations?

Professional expertise

Conveying complex issues is more than just an exercise in linguistics – it primarily involves technical precision and in-depth background knowledge of the topic at hand. Is this the standard that you set yourself? So do we.

We are proud of the fact that renowned customers have confirmed our expertise time and again.
This is both our obligation and incentive. Our guiding principle, "Excellence in Translation", highlights our ambition to deliver translations that meet the most demanding requirements so that your products and services will also impress customers in the international arena.

Quality that is tried and tested

Can't afford to compromise on quality?

Here at Horner Translations, your texts are translated by expert native speakers who are recognised specialists in their field. We adhere to the strictest quality guidelines and work in accordance with standard DIN EN 15038 (four-eyes principle).
The proof: we receive top marks from our customers for the quality and reliability of our services in our customer satisfaction surveys.


Do you need a partner who has the relevant know-how and experience to assist you at any point in your workflow and is able to support you in the development of your internal translation chain?

With over 25,000 successfully completed projects under our belt, we can show you how to optimise your translation processes to increase efficiency, improve transparency and reduce costs.

Taking an innovative approach
The prerequisite for efficiency and quality

Is it important to you that your translation provider is able to keep up with the latest technological advances?

Innovation, transparency and the balance between quality and efficiency are the fundamental components of our corporate culture. Thanks to our international networks and partnerships, we are up to date with the latest technologies and programs.

Seamless integration into your processes

Do you expect your translation provider to be able to handle any format and want your company's content management system to be directly integrated into the translation process?

Not a problem. We can prepare a quotation for you that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Reduce translation costs

While quality is your top priority, do you also need to find the most cost-effective solution for your translations in order to remain competitive?

We perform this balancing act day in, day out. Our efficient technologies and streamlined project management services mean that we are in a position to support you in your efforts to keep your translation costs down.

We would be happy to provide you with proposals for cost-saving solutions or framework agreements for large translation volumes.

Expert teams

In order to offer you the best possible service, you are looked after by a team of experts who are available to you as a fixed point of contact.

We can therefore guarantee rapid response and order processing times while you never have the feeling that you are being treated like one anonymous number out of many. We recognise and respect the individual wishes and requests of our customers.

Data protection

Is it of utmost importance to you that your data is protected against unauthorised access?

We guarantee that your documents will be subject to strict confidentiality requirements at every stage of the translation process.All of our employees also sign non-disclosure agreements, which means you can rest assured that your documents will remain strictly confidential.

Confidential documents are sent electronically via our password-protected server.

The key to an excellent translation
is the right translator.

We know that the quality of a translation can give your company a decisive competitive advantage. As well as working in compliance with DIN EN 15038, we are also a certified member of the QSD/EUATC and ATC. Members of these associations undertake to comply with the strictest quality standards in the industry and are the first to find out about innovations, trends and experiences thanks to lively exchanges of ideas and by attending annual conferences.

Having searched high and low for the best in their fields ever since the company was founded 25 years ago, we have successfully put together a top team of translators from Europe and beyond. We are strongly committed to performance-based pay for our translators and opt against cheap labour as a matter of principle, which is also one of the reasons why many of our employees have been working for us for over 15 years now.

As shown by the feedback provided by our customers regarding quality,
we don't just talk the talk – we walk the walk.

DIN certificate
CAusführung von
nach DIN EN ISO 17100 Reg.-Nr. 7U324
QSD certificate
ATC/EUATC certificate
tekom certificate
Member of the trade association for technical communication and information development
plunet certificate
SDL certificate
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