Customer reviews

Suzuki International Europe GmbH

„We are very happy with your translations. They are well accepted by our headquarter...”

Hugo Boss AG

"... We hope to continue the great work we do with you."

Sto AG

"Thank you so much for the very quick and, above all, professional translation. You helped us out a lot. I know that I have found a reliable partner in you for my next translation and would be happy to choose you again!"

WMS Engineering GmbH

„Thanks for the fast translation and the supplementary text. We enjoy working with you!"



"The translation of the SPC brochure is simply brilliant. I'm especially delighted that all the terminology is correct."

Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH

"Dear Horner team, thank you very much for the excellent, prompt translations. We are very happy with the service you provide."

Alstom Schweiz

"The quality provided by your office is outstanding."

Technica AG

"Thank you for your excellent work!"

Imoberdorf AG

"Thank you for your help. It's great working with pros such as yourselves."

Sellery Advertising Forces Networks GmbH

"Many thanks – we really are more than satisfied. We are delighted that working with you has been such a success!"

Netstal Maschinen AG

"I can assure you that other providers will have to try hard to measure up to your standards: innovation, consistency, quality, professionalism! You set the bar high."


"Thank you for the translation.
Incidentally, it's fun to work with you! The translations that you deliver are just great and we can always rely on you one hundred percent."

Cham Paper Group

"I'm now back in the office and have been able to take a look at the German translation of the press release. I think it's very good and several things have been resolved very well stylistically."


"Thank you for the wonderful translation!"

Karl Küfner KG

"All I can say is you're the best!"

Cham Paper Group

"By the way, our Italian-speaking colleagues highly praised your last translation once again!"


„Many thanks for the professional translation."

ABB Ltd.

„Congratulations on the first-class translation. Pros were definitely at work here.”

Alstom Ltd

"The quality provided by your office is outstanding."

Cham Paper Group

"We received so much praise for the successful translations last year and would be delighted if you could use the same translator this time as well."

Wahl GmbH

"Firstly, a big thank you for the very well-prepared translation of the Profiline catalogue. Our advertising agency was really impressed! Keep up the good work!"

Karl Küfner KG

"A massive compliment to you for your reliability! I will recommend you to everybody!"

Quadrant AG

"...Thank you as well for providing such an excellent service once again."

3A Composites International AG

"... As was already evident at first glance, your translations were very well done. As such, we would be happy to work with you again in the future."

Netstal Maschinen AG

"Many thanks for the fast and, as always, highly satisfactory work."

BWB Werkzeugmaschinen AG

„You're fantastic! I'd like to say a big thank you for the excellent translation of this chick tome.“

Gruppe Drei GmbH

"Thanks so much to you and your team of polyglots for the fast translation assistance. There was no red tape and it really helped us out. We will be sure to 'translate' this help into a translation job for you at the next opportunity."