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Technical translations

Expert knowledge for a competitive edge

An operating manual in 21 languages, an e-learning program for automotive manufacturers, machine documentation for an injection moulding machine in 16 languages, an urgent press release, your CEO's speech, an application for the ESPRIX quality award or an 80-page architectural magazine in 8 languages – that's our bread and butter.

We are experts in the following fields:

Terminology management

Top corporate communications

Whether it is within a company or with customers, systematic terminology management is essential in order to guarantee smooth, clear-cut corporate communications. Consistent corporate wording spells brand recognition both internally and externally – and the correct and consistent use of company-specific and specialist vocabulary does more than just improve the quality of communication.

Companies that adopt defined corporate terminology also make enormous savings and increase efficiency when preparing texts.
Our experience shows that there is the potential to reduce direct documentation and translation costs by 30%.

However, what are of immeasurable value are the positive effects that are felt as a result of implementing regulated, consistent language: improved reusability of content, better understanding of products, lower error and change rates, increased customer satisfaction and a more positive image.

Horner Translations can help you compile a company-specific terminology database by creating a custom dictionary in the language combinations you want that is easy to use and available to all online.


Different languages mean different text lengths.

Our DTP specialists make sure that your layout is compatible with all languages.

We take care of your foreign-language typesetting needs in all major DTP formats and on all platforms.

After our work is done, you receive a first-class translation with clear formatting. There are no final touches to add and you are left with more time for the important things.

Supported formats:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio)
  • OpenOffice
  • Adobe FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign, Illustrator
  • Corel Draw, Ventura, Designer
  • QuarkXpress
  • Interleaf, Quicksilver
  • PDF

Translation Memory Systeme

We work with the leading translation memory systems SDL Trados and across. For higher quality and lower costs.

When it comes to technical documentation, texts are often up to 70% identical. This is where modern translation memory tools have a great deal to offer: the same sentences are always translated in the same way. As such, they ensure higher consistency while costs are reduced.
We have been using this technology since the mid-nineties and work closely with the leading providers on the market. Take advantage of our know-how – realise the full benefit of a well-maintained translation memory.

Here at Horner Translations, you only pay once for good translations, no matter when and how often these will be needed again. What's more, our professional translation memory management guarantees that your translation costs will fall significantly.

SEO (search engine optimisation) translations

If your aim is to market your products and services internationally, you will need more than just a well-translated website – that website also needs to be found quickly using search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex or Baidu.

Our team of specialist translators and online marketing experts can provide a translation of your website that has been optimised for search engines on request.

This process involves taking a targeted approach to the translation: keywords and search terms are selected from a range of possible variations and combined with other words in your target languages in such a way that they will get as many search engine hits as possible.
As well as taking care of your international web presence, we can also give advice on how to construct your German-language SEO website, define suitable, effective keywords for your target country and create an SEO translation on request with unique content that includes the right keyword density and makes an impressive promotional impact.

Professional SEO texts – the key to success.


Sometimes more is actually more...

Want to reach an international audience with your professional homepage? Need a clever translation of your advertising copy or thorough copy-editing services for your marketing message? If so, you are on the safe side and miles ahead of your competitors with a creative adaptation from Horner Translations.

A good advertising copy has to be distinctive, convey facts and arouse emotions – and we have many tricks up our sleeves to make your text unique.
Our translators and marketing experts are linguistically gifted copywriters and are dab hands when it comes to international advertising campaigns, claims and headlines.

We adapt your content while taking into account the particularities of the target market and target audience. It also goes without saying that we work in line with your briefs, brand books and corporate identity.

Make an impact with tailor-made advertising translations for all languages.